Our aim at Cascade Lighting Service is to help your business save money by providing affordable, high-quality lighting solutions.  We can help you improve your lighting and reduce your electric bill.  Our team specializes in lighting analysis, LED upgrades, and maintenance of your current indoor/outdoor lighting systems and signs.  

Cascade Lighting Service LLC was founded in 2009 by Paul and Becky Lund.  The business is guided by our values of community, conservation, and integrity.  Our base of operations is in Salem, Oregon and we are proud members of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.  Our standard area of service covers a large part of western Oregon, ranging between Portland and Eugene, Newport and Detroit. 

Cascade Lighting Service is an official trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  Give us a call for any of your lighting needs, and let us provide “service you can look up to.”



References are available.  Cascade Lighting Service is licensed, bonded, and insured.