Here are some questions that we have been asked in the past.

1. How do I contact Cascade Lighting Service LLC? 

You can call us at: (503)409-3549, email us at:, or fill out our contact form.

2. Does CLS service both indoor and outdoor lighting? 

Yes. You can view the different types of services we offer here

3. What type of license do you carry?

We currently hold a CCB and an LMS.

4. What kind of license is an LMS? 

It stands for Limited Maintenance Specialty.  We connect replacement lighting fixtures and other appliances to existing junction boxes. We also repair lamp holders and equipment that are a part of lighting fixtures by replacing ballast, glass lens, etc. This also allows for us to provide Energy Trust upgrades for a more efficient and economical light in your warehouse, office, or home.

5. Do you charge the same rates as a licensed electrician? 

No, because of our specialty license (LMS) we charge a reduced rate compared to an electrician who charges based on their wider range of qualifications. Because we are highly specialized in the area of lighting and not other areas of electrical work, we are able to offer our expertise and services without additional fees.

6. Where is Cascade Lighting Service located? 

We are located in Salem, OR.

7.. What are your hours of operation? 

Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are available nights and weekends for special situations. 

8. I am outside of your area of service. Could you still service my lights? 

If you have several lights that need repair, it might not be a bad idea to call us for a quote. (Note: click here to see if you’re inside our area of service.)

9. Do you offer payment plans? 

Upon approval, we can set you up on a 90 day same as cash plan.

10. How quick is your response time? 

Generally, we can fit our customers into our schedule within three days. However, if it is an emergency, please give us a call. (503)409-3549