Free Lighting Analysis - This is the first step of any indoor or outdoor lighting upgrade project.  We will assess your current light levels, recommend LED or fluorescent upgrades based on your goals and budget, and calculate how much money you’ll save.







Project Design – Sometimes it is helpful to create a digital model of the project in order to visualize and assess the end result of the proposed upgrades.  We use the leading industry software AGI32 to build a 3D digital model of your building or office and calculate the light levels that will be achieved with new fixtures. 












Lighting Upgrades (Cash Incentives Available!) – Cascade Lighting Service is an official Trade Ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon.  We will work with the Energy Trust of Oregon, the Bonneville Power Administration, or with your local utility provider to ensure that you receive the best cash incentive available for your LED upgrade.  Incentives are available for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects.

Our customers frequently see cash incentives equal to 30-50% of the total project.  And we’ll take care of the paperwork!




Installation – Our friendly, experienced lighting technicians will quickly and safely install new light fixtures at your business.  We are fully prepared to upgrade lights and signs - indoors, outdoors, high and low.  Give us a chance to earn your business!










Maintenance – Our experienced lighting technicians will quickly assess problems and provide solutions.  Our expertise covers a wide variety of lighting systems, including: LED, fluorescent, HID, incandescent, and neon.  We frequently provide maintenance for indoor office lighting, retail lighting, lighting for warehouses & manufacturing facilities, and exterior lighting. 

We’re no strangers to pole lights, lamp posts, flood lights, wall packs, business signs, safety signs, photo (day/night) sensors, occupancy sensors, and other lighting controls.  Inside or outside, rain or shine, we’re always happy to help.











 Contact us for a free Lighting analysis!